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Superformula and Prometheus: A Procedurally-Generated “Non-Story”

by Taylor C. Foss
August 19, 2016

Taylor Foss' article, "Superformula and Prometheus: A Procedurally-Generated “Non-Story,'” was published in IPFrontline on August 19, 2016.

From the article...

"This week, video game developer Hello Games released its much anticipated creation, a space exploration and survival game called No Man’s Sky. Like many gamers, I  pre-ordered my copy and awaited the release of the game.  When the game began with my starship and me marooned on a procedurally-generated planet, I uncreatively named it Taylorius. According to Hello Games, no other human had even looked at that digital planet before I fired up the game and started gathering resources and repairing my damaged spaceship. The technology that allowed Hello Games to create eighteen quintillion planets—more than enough for every player to discover their own as they journey through the universe—is procedural generation. Rather than type lines and lines of code to create each planet as a backdrop for a videogame, Hello Games created a program with built-in procedures for creating unique and varied planets. And it is the implementation of this very program which has raised pesky questions regarding the protection of intellectual property in the videogame industry."