We pay tribute to all of those who, over the years, have been part of the M&R family.


Colleagues for Life

People are the engine that drive M&R—attorneys and staff that’ve made (and continue to make) us such a consequential law firm. The men and women who’ve contributed to our success will forever be a part of M&R’s fabric and we’ll always be grateful for their dedication, contributions and achievements. This, of course, includes those that’ve moved on professionally.

Though some have—over the years—retired or elected to seek opportunity beyond the M&R community, we cherish the friendships and connections forged with all of our colleagues, past and present, and celebrate the accomplishments of those no longer with the firm.

Keep in Touch

To our alumni, we encourage you to stay connected with M&R. Be sure to update your contact information so you can learn about firm news and upcoming events. You can do so by emailing John Kwan, our Director of Human Resources.
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