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Five Must-Try Chicago Sandwiches

by Seth E. Darmstadter
Chicago Lawyer
July 1, 2016

Seth E. Darmstadter's article "Five Must-Try Chicago Sandwiches" was published in Chicago Lawyer on July 1, 2016.

From the article...

"Following a string of reviews of fancy restaurants, I decided to go in a different direction this month. Then, I ate at Duck Duck Goat, 857 W. Fulton Market, the latest venture of celebrity chef Stephanie Izard. 

I feel compelled to pay due respect to the must-try first drink listed on Izard’s cocktail menu, the Tiger Dog, made with homemade, duck-fat-washed bourbon. Perhaps I am oversimplifying the process, but they really are infusing bourbon with duck fat, giving customers the chance to simultaneously punish their livers and their hearts while delighting their senses with one of the most interesting cocktails served in Chicago. With the addition of sweet vermouth and plum bitters, a classic Manhattan transforms into the Tiger Dog — something innovative, unique, sexy and, of course, delicious."

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