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Preserving the Confidentiality of Cybersecurity Forensic Reports

Your company’s computer network has been breached and confidential customer data stolen. Not surprisingly, this results in a lawsuit filed against you by down-the-line victims; read, customers whose personal information found its way into the wrong hands.

In response to the breach, you did all the right things, including hiring experts to investigate and provide a forensic report. But to your dismay, that report—which includes some rather sensitive and potentially damaging information—has become subject of discovery in the litigation. What are you to do? (Read More)

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5 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change The Legal Industry

Blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it. Indeed, the investment opportunities it has spawned—namely, cryptocurrency and NFTs—have captured imaginations worldwide.

Headlines about newly minted crypto millionaires and eye-popping NFT deals aside, there are many questions surrounding blockchains (both private and public), including uncertainty about who bears responsibility for maintaining privately-owned blockchains versus public ones that are sustained by way of mining requirements or gas fees. (Read More)

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For Cyber and Data Security, Companies Are Only as Strong as Their Weakest Links 

Cybercrime is on the rise and continues to come in all shapes and sizes. Late last month, it was discovered that hackers gained access to the underlying blockchain that powers Axie Infinity, a very popular NFT-based online video game, and stole the equivalent of $625 million in cryptocurrency. The breach represents the second biggest hack in crypto history. (Read More)

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NFTs and IP: What Owners And Sellers Need to Know

Blockchain technology is changing the world. With it has come a whole new category of investment opportunities, including non-fungible tokens—better known as NFTs—which have been fodder for headlines since breaking into the mainstream in 2021.

It’s the sky-high purchase prices of NFTs that’ve garnered most of the attention since they became popular last year. But behind these attention-grabbing transactions are the intellectual property considerations that NFT owners and sellers—brands included—must keep top of mind. (Read More)