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Showing 2 posts from July 2017.

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Surplus Line Insurance in California: Watch Out

To companies and their employees engaged in surplus line activities in California - beware. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) recently reached a $12M settlement with an insurance holding company and certain of its insurer and producer subsidiaries related to the activities of unlicensed personnel and entities within the state of California, a resolution that illustrates the Department’s focus on and commitment to compliance with California laws governing nonadmitted insurance, which differ in significant aspects from those of other states. (Read More)

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Transgender Bathroom Laws in California: What Employers Need to Know

The rights and civil liberties of transgender people have become an important topic openly discussed and debated nationwide. Clearly, the issues confronting the transgender community are many, but it seems press coverage has boiled its plight down to a rather narrow question: which public restroom should transgender men, women, boys and girls use? (Read More)