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Paul Zimmerman

Showing 3 posts from July 2014.

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How to Avoid Ponzi Purgatory: Careful Diligence Helps Banks Stay Away from Schemers

Since the global recession of 2009, the doors on many Ponzi schemes, like the one orchestrated by the infamous Bernie Madoff, have been blown wide open. 

The country’s financial crisis, in conjunction with vast media attention, resulted in the unraveling of a host of these kinds of investment scams.  Ponzi schemes are fraudulent arrangements whereby a new investor’s money is used to pay a promised return to previous investors. 

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Darren Barker Discusses the California Supreme Court Ruling on Beacon v. Skidmore

Darren Barker discusses the unanimous California Supreme Court decision to uphold the lower court’s ruling in Beacon v. Skidmore, which holds design professionals liable to third parties in construction negligence cases. He describes how the court arrived at this decision and notes that the ruling can be applied to both residential and commercial construction projects. Additionally, he addresses steps design professionals can take to protect themselves going forward. Read Darren Barker's article "Design Professionals Duty of Care" for more on this subject.

Spencer Hamer Discusses PAGA at NELI's 38th Annual Employment Discrimination Law Update

Spencer Hamer spoke at the National Employment Law Institute’s 38th Annual Employment Discrimination Law Update on July 16, 2014, in San Francisco, on the topic of “Developments in California Employment Law.” In this segment, he explains how the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) removes hurdles for employees who wish to bring class action lawsuits against their employers.