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Showing 2 posts from December 2013.

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HR Resolutions for 2014: A Checklist - Part 1

1. Employee handbook and Policies: You should ask yourself when was the last time anyone seriously reviewed the handbook to determine whether it remains compliant with our ever-evolving federal, state, city and local employment laws? Consider having this done, especially if the handbook is 5 years old, or more. A number of developments, particularly at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), now call into question the validity of critical handbook provisions, like at-will disclaimers and confidentiality provisions (more on this in a future employment law post).Heading into the New Year is a good time to assess the past and look to the future.  As we head into 2014, here are some employment law checklist items that all companies, large and small, may want to add to their 2014 “To Do” List.  (Read More)

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Insurance Regulatory Update

Bill Gausewitz provides regular regulatory updates to the State Bar Insurance Law Committee. Check out the December 2013 report. (Read More)