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Paul Zimmerman

Showing 3 posts from March 2012.

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New California Leave Mandate Proposed

A bill to expand the California Family Rights Act will be considered by the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee next week.

AB 2039 (Swanson; D-Alameda) significantly expands the type of individuals or circumstances under which employees can take a 12-week, protected leave of absence under California’s Family Rights Act (CFRA), and creates rights not provided for under the Federal Family Medical Leave Act. (Read More)

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California Physician Assistant Wins $168 Million Sexual Harassment Verdict

Last week, a Sacramento jury awarded Ani Chopourian $168 million dollars in the largest judgment for a single victim of workplace harassment in U.S. history. The record judgment – $125 million in punitive damages and $42.7 million for lost wages and mental anguish – is being appealed by the hospital. (Read More)

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Overcrowding at the Employee Bulletin Board: Make Room for Another Government Poster

A common misconception among non-union Employers is that they do not have to worry about or pay attention to the federal law known as the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”).  This perception-that the NLRA only governs union-management interaction-is inaccurate, since the NLRA covers “Employers” engaged in interstate commerce, regardless of whether they are unionized, or the subject of a union organizing campaign. (Read More)