Safer at Home Order in L.A. Extended to May 15

The Safer at Home order currently in place in Los Angeles County has been extended to May 15, 2020—this as the coronavirus pandemic lingers and cases of COVID-19 continue to be on the rise in L.A.

The good news is that the L.A. order, like similar ones now on the books throughout the U.S., seems to be working to flatten the curve and slow the rate of infection. Toward that end, the closure of non-essential businesses will continue in L.A. for more than two weeks past April 19, the date the county’s Safer at Home mandate was originally due to expire.

In addition to non-essential businesses, L.A.’s malls, shopping centers, beaches, parks and trails will also remain closed to the public for now. That being said, while the Safer at Home order remains in effect, L.A. residents are encouraged to maintain social distancing protocols and, if possible, not to leave their homes, even for groceries or medications when delivery is available.

Of note, the amendment to the law in L.A. requires all essential businesses to provide employees with face masks or similar cloth face coverings, which will be required to be worn at work. The L.A. order also mandates (1) that essential businesses post information about social distancing requirements, and (2) that anyone entering an essential business (read: customers) wear a face mask or similar cloth face covering to keep themselves and essential workers safe. These requirements must be implemented no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 15.

Michelman & Robinson anticipates that officials in other jurisdictions—New York, New Jersey, and Illinois included—will likely extend their stay-at-home orders well into May (or even June) too. We will continue to monitor relevant decisions made nationwide.

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