DOL Is Requiring Employers to Post Families First Employee Rights Notice

Q. Where can employers find the poster and when must it be posted by?

A. The free poster issue by the DOL must post by April 1, 2020. It is pictured below and can be found at here.

An informative image of the employee rights.

Q. If most offices and workplaces are closed, where—and how—are employers covered by the Families First Act supposed to post the notice?

A. The DOL mandate is clear: all employers subject to the Families First Act must post the notice in their workplaces, or if closed, then by “emailing or direct mailing” the poster to employees, or by “posting the notice on an employee information internal or external website.”

To the extent your office(s) or workplace(s) remains open, we suggest you follow current posting practice by putting copies of the poster in breakrooms, lunchrooms, and the like.

Q. Must the poster be translated into other languages?

A. No. The DOL is now working on issuing the poster in languages other than English.

Q. Will the poster be updated?

A. That remains to be seen, but we will endeavor to keep our clients current, or they can check for updates themselves on the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division web page.

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