$900 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package Is Now Law

Last week, Michelman & Robinson, LLP reported on the $900 billion COVID-19-related rescue package passed by Congress. As was explained in some detail here, the legislation is designed to deliver long-awaited financial assistance to small businesses, as well as to the millions of unemployed Americans in need. By its terms, the bill will also provide, among other things, housing assistance, funds for schools and colleges, and money for COVID-19 testing and vaccines, including distribution.

Yesterday (December 27), President Trump finally signed the COVID-19 relief and government funding provisions into law, after a significant delay and threatened veto over the amount of stimulus checks to be received by qualifying individuals.

Should you have any questions about how the new round of COVID-19 relief may impact you or your business, including the availability of additional PPP loans, do not hesitate to contact our COVID-19 Practice Group.

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