January 20, 2017

Top 6 Legal Trends Facing Hoteliers in 2017

By Lara A.H. Shortz
Hotel News Now

Lara Shortz’s article, “Top 6 Legal Trends Facing Hoteliers in 2017,” was published in Hotel News Now on January 20, 2017.

From the article…

“It is safe to say that President Donald Trump has more knowledge of the hotel business and a greater stake in the hospitality industry than any president in United States history. This first-hand hotel experience, coupled with his pro-business rhetoric, anti-regulatory cabinet, a Republican Congress and a slew of upcoming appointments, likely means that 2017 will bring a substantial easing of the regulatory burden presently affecting hoteliers at the federal level.

But this comes with a big caveat. Activist state and local governments will likely want to fill in any perceived regulatory or enforcement vacuum with their own rules and create an increasingly patchwork set of regulations with which hoteliers must contend.”

Lara A. H. Shortz

Firm Recruiting Partner/Labor & Employment Practice Group Leader
Labor & Employment