April 06, 2022

Tim Gorry Named M&R’s E-commerce, Banking and Media Litigation Chair

Michelman & Robinson, LLP  has proudly designated Tim Gorry, a commercial and business litigator, as its E-commerce, Banking and Media Litigation Chair.

Gorry’s elevation reflects his stellar work in state and federal courts nationwide on behalf of clients across the e-commerce, banking and media sectors. With more than three decades of experience as a trial lawyer, Gorry is routinely sought after by companies within these spaces to handle the most challenging cases—those they have lost all hope of settling.

Commenting on Gorry’s new title, Sanford Michelman, M&R’s co-founder and Chairman, says, “Tim is a highly versatile trial attorney, who’s expertise spans industries. That said, he’s particularly well versed in the e-commerce, banking and media businesses, which is why his designation runs the gamut of these areas. As it happens, our firm represents several major e-commerce, banking and media companies, making Tim’s role a critical one within M&R. In my view, he’s the perfect litigator to fill this very important niche.”

Gorry adds, “It’s my honor to be a partner at M&R and now the firm’s most recent chair. We’re known from coast to coast as a powerhouse litigation firm that’s earned its extraordinary reputation by virtue of a remarkable track record of wins in and out of the courtroom. My singular focus has been to contribute to this success as best as I can. That I’ve been able to do so representing e-commerce, banking and media clients has been an absolute thrill. This chair designation coming in the wake of all my efforts is simply icing on the cake.”

Tim Gorry

Commercial & Business Litigation, Intellectual Property
Banking & Financial Services, Internet, Software & Technology, Music & Entertainment