September 23, 2017

Licensing, Class Actions and Trade Secrets: What Producers Need to Know

American Agents Alliance (AAA) Convention and Expo

Palm Desert, CA

Mark B. Robinson and Jeffrey D. Farrow presented on “Licensing, Class Actions and Trade Secrets: What Producers Need to Know,” at the American Agents Alliance (AAA) Convention and Expo on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 9:00 – 10:00 AM in Palm Desert, CA. This course was approved by the California Department of Insurance for 1 credit.

This panel discussion highlighted critical issues facing brokers and agents relative to licensing, class actions and trade secrets. More specifically, the following topics were covered:

• Licensed vs. Unlicensed Conduct: An overview of insurance licensing requirements and the types of conduct that may and may not be undertaken by unlicensed employees of brokerages and agencies, as well as examples of relevant regulatory exposure
• Class Actions Impacting Broker Agents: An overview of the most common types of class action exposure/risk facing producers
• Trade Secrets and Business Interference: Overview of the legal issues and risks to be considered when hiring brokers or agents from industry competitors

At the end of this session attendees understood how to (1) mitigate regulatory exposure, (2) avoid class action litigation and (3) protect against trade secret infringement and related actions when employing previously competing producers.

Mark B. Robinson

Co-Founding Partner
Regulatory & Administrative Law
Banking & Financial Services, Insurance