Our History


From the beginning, we’ve approached the practice and business of law differently, and we’ve done it better.

For over two decades, M&R has operated pursuant to an unwavering principle: to provide excellent client service and legal counsel, all the while leveraging a strategic, industry-focused approach to the practice of law. This commitment has served the firm and its clientele well.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, M&R’s rapid success led to its measured expansion first to Orange County (California) in 2001, then to San Francisco in 2006, New York City in 2009 and Chicago in 2016. Most recently, the firm launched offices in Dallas and Houston in 2022. Now, M&R’s national footprint – which will continue to grow strategically – serves a client base that ranges from Fortune 500 corporations to start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

A Novel Approach

Sanford Michelman and Mark Robinson started the firm with a take on law and business that was, at the time, well outside the proverbial box – an emphasis on clients’ industries, as opposed to legal practice areas. Over 20 years later, M&R is a go-to law firm for companies representing a broad range of business sectors, and it continues to differentiate itself by virtue of its concentration on industries and industry segments and a roster of lawyers and clients that is – in a word – extraordinary.