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COVID-19 has shaken us all, and it has had an unprecedented impact on how businesses operate worldwide. That being said, therapeutics and vaccinations will in all likelihood rid us of the pandemic sometime in the foreseeable future, but even then, the collateral damage left in the wake of the outbreak will be far and wide. This is particularly true in terms of potential legal exposure on the part of companies hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

M&R has been at the forefront of COVID-19-related legal issues since the infancy of the pandemic—our incisive, in-depth commentary can be found here—and we continue to be the go-to firm for those navigating the myriad problems that have arisen due to the public health crisis. Not surprising then, the firm has assembled a first-of-its-kind and standalone COVID-19 Practice Group made up of an inter-disciplinary team of M&R attorneys—all subject matter pros—singularly focused on piloting clients through the panoply of challenges resulting from COVID-19 and what is sure to be its troubling aftermath.

For years to come, businesses across the U.S. and internationally will face issues and litigation concerning regulatory, labor and employment, white-collar defense, real estate, insurance, bankruptcy, cybersecurity, and privacy law—all as a consequence of the pandemic and its outsized influence on day-to-day operations and, more broadly, our global economy. The good news is that M&R’s COVID-19 Practice Group is dialed-in and uniquely situated to successfully handle these matters, whether they play out in the courtroom, boardroom, or workplace.

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