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Corporate Finance & Securities

Corporate finance transactions, including debt, equity, convertible and exchangeable securities offerings, fall squarely within the firm’s wheelhouse. We routinely negotiate and draft the legal documentation (e.g., private placement memoranda and subscription agreements, etc.) necessary to implement such capital transactions.

When it comes to our clients’ efforts to raise capital, improve capital structure or increase shareholder value, we listen carefully and execute effective strategies to achieve their stated goals. Toward that end, M&R structures multiple classes of equity for corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships; prepares sophisticated documentation involving shareholder and member rights (including voting arrangements, anti-dilution protection, rights of first refusal, put and call rights and "tag-along" and "drag-along" provisions); provides advice with respect to equity-based compensation plans and profit-sharing arrangements; and assists with the issuance and exercise of stock options, profits interests and phantom equity rights.