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Data Privacy and Management Practices

Particularly in the face of new GDPR regulations on data collection and processing, it is important for businesses to develop clear internal policies specifying the types and intended uses for collected consumer data. Both in the U.S. and overseas, companies must understand that indiscriminate data collection (collecting customer information with no immediately identifiable business purpose) and mismanaged data governance can be problematic, resulting in unnecessarily potential liability in the event of a data breach with no offsetting organizational benefit. Also, businesses that collect data from a myriad of sources subject to a wide range of use restrictions must tread lightly given the difficulty in identifying how such information can be utilized. Our attorneys can prepare key data governance policies and counsel clients on how to align data collection and disclosure practices with current and future business plans. At the same time, the firm provides advice regarding risk assessment, management, and strategies to (1) expand potential uses for collected data and (2) open up actual or pseudonymous data sets for use in analytics, monetization or other purposes.