NYC to Require Proof of Vaccination for Indoor Activities

In what may be a preview of things to come throughout the U.S., New York City became the first jurisdiction in the nation to announce that it will require individuals to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to enter all restaurants, fitness centers and indoor entertainment venues. Enforcement of this new mandate is expected to begin on September 13.

With the emergence of the highly contagious Delta variant that has primarily impacted those who have yet to be vaccinated, more and more entities are imposing vaccine mandates, a topic that Michelman & Robinson, LLP has previously covered. Now, NYC seems to be hedging in that direction as well, by soon requiring vaccines for people who want to fully participate in society.

Of note, this is happening with greater frequency in Europe. This week, the parliament in France passed a law requiring a "health pass" (proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test) to enter restaurants and bars and for travel on long-distance trains and planes. Several other European countries are offering incentives such as cash payments in an effort to get people vaccinated.

M&R will continue to monitor state and local governments nationwide and report on any additional moves like the one just announced in NYC.

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