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The Meaning of 'Sex': LGBTQ Rights Under the Legal Microscope - Part 1

by Christopher D'Angelo
Employment Law Strategist
January 10, 2017

Christopher D' Angelo's article, "The Meaning of 'Sex': LGBTQ Rights Under the Legal Microscope," was published in Employment Law Strategist as Part 1 of a 2-part article. 

From the article...

"While some federal jurisdictions have expanded LGBTQ rights, others have rejected this expansion, and still others remain silent, leaving an open question as to the whether the LGBTQ community is covered under Title VII. Hence, because the case involves the meaning of the term “sex” in an analogous setting, the Supreme Court’s decision in Gloucester is likely to have a profound impact on Title VII jurisprudence. This article will examine the legal landscape that has developed with respect to the term “sex” under Title VII, how some courts have applied this jurisprudence to the LGBTQ community, the potential impact of Gloucester, and what employers should anticipate in this uncertain legal environment."

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