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The Legal Implications of Long-Term Guests

by David M. Samuels and Alicia C. O'Brien
Hotel News Now
September 30, 2016

David Samuels' and Alicia O'Brien's article, "The Legal Implications of Long-Term Guests," was published in Hotel News Now on September 30, 2016.

From the article...

"One of the more common questions we receive from hotel operators is how to handle guests staying more than thirty days. There are a variety of reasons why hotel patrons pursue extended stays: some prefer the ease and convenience of living in a hotel (maid service, room service, proximity to work, etc.); often they are international visitors looking for extended accommodations but who prefer not to enter into a 6 month or 1 year lease for an apartment; others are in the midst of a life transition (employment, relationship, relocation, etc.) and need a temporary place to call home.

Whatever the reason, hotel owners and operators must be mindful of the length of each guest’s stay, as it might mean the difference between a pleasant customer experience and a costly, drawn-out legal dispute."

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