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"Title Company Regulation – 20st Century Laws in the 21st Century"

William Gausewitz
California Land Title Association
April 2015

William Gausewitz's article, "Title Company Regulation – 20st Century Laws in the 21st Century," was published by the California Land Title Association on April 2015.

From the article...

"An underwritten title company may only operate if it is licensed by the Department of Insurance. This isn’t surprising or controversial. The antique aspect of the law, however, is that underwritten title companies are licensed on a county-by-county basis. An underwritten title company licensed in San Diego County, whether in 1960 or 2015, cannot provide title or escrow services in Orange County. This system made some sense in an era when all the records relating to the title of a property were found in an office in the city or town that served as the county seat."