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A Steakhouse Like No Other

by Seth E. Darmstadter
Chicago Lawyer
May 2015

Seth E. Darmstadter's article, "A Steakhouse Like No Other," was published in the May 2015 issue of the Chicago Lawyer.

From the article...

"Representing growth technology companies, I find myself always on the lookout for industry-destructive business models. The same rings true for great restaurants. Chicago is flush with solid chow spots, but at our core, we are a meat-and-potatoes town.

If I sat you down in a room and presented you with six prime rib-eye steaks from the kitchens of the six top Chicago steakhouses, I defy you to distinguish any one from the rest. Once you hit the highest tier, a Chicago steakhouse is what it is. That is, until a James Beard Award-winning Iron Chef breaks the mold.

Chicago-raised Jose Garces, noted for his appearance on the “Iron Chef America” television show, recently opened his Argentine steakhouse, Rural Society (455 N. Park Drive), in Streeterville’s brand new Loews Hotel. Forget everything you knew about both hotel dining and Chicago steakhouses and prepare for complete sensory delight."

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