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Spanish speakers in industry need training in Español

by Diyari Vázquez
Hotel News Now
April 11, 2018

The importance of providing Spanish speakers in the hospitality industry with training in their native language cannot be overstated.

The numbers compiled by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics bear this out: The Hispanic/Latino labor force in the United States was nearly 12 million in 1994, 19.3 million in 2004, 25.4 million in 2014 and is projected to be 32.5 million by 2024—or 20% of the entire workforce. The share of Hispanic/Latino workers is exponentially higher in states such as California, Colorado, Florida, New York and Texas. In fact, as of 2014, Hispanic/Latino employees made up 36.5% of the workforce in California, according to the California Budget & Policy Center.

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