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River North's Shot in the Arm

by Seth E. Darmstadter
Chicago Lawyer
December 2014

Seth E. Darmstadter's article," River's North's Shot in the Arm," was published in the December 2014 issue of the Chicago Lawyer.

From the article...

"Just when I thought River North was tapped-out of fresh, fun, non-pretentious and affordable “neighborhoody” dining concepts, the people behind Mercadito Hospitality Group (Mercadito, Double A, Municipal Bar, etc.) proved me wrong. Their recently debuted Tippling Hall, 646 N. Franklin St., brings a welcomed breath of fresh air to a neighborhood littered with stale and strikingly overpriced options.

If you ever dined at the old Leona’s, or worse, Hop Haus, then you remember this space as a loud, disjointed room that put out average-at-best cuisine in a cold, cramped atmosphere. Talk about a transformation — Tippling Hall represents a re-birth of a space that now is warm, open, comfortable and inviting.

Perhaps more importantly, Tippling Hall doubles down on some of the hottest current restaurant trends: comfort food, kicked-up bar snacks, creative craft cocktails and warm, minimalistic decor. It also avoids many of the negatives that I encounter all too often at new restaurants: hipster servers who act like they’re doing me a favor, exorbitant prices and inconsistent food prepared with more ego than care. The Tippling Hall food menu is thoughtful, well-executed and reasonably priced; the drink menu is among the most successful in town."

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