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Orange Is the New Hack: Protecting Against Vendor Cyber Breaches

by Scott T. Lyon
Corporate Counsel
May 24, 2017

Scott Lyon's article, "Orange Is the New Hack: Protecting Against Vendor Cyber Breaches" was published in Corporate Counsel on May 24, 2017.

From the article . . .

"Crime doesn’t pay, and apparently neither does Netflix, as evidenced by their refusal to pay the bitcoin extortion demand of a hacker or hacking group calling themselves “thedarkoverlord.” On May 1, Arstechnica.com reported that hackers had stolen nine of the thirteen episodes of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black (Season 5) from Larsen Studios, an audio post-production company. The attackers also claim to have accessed 36 other television series and one film. Originally, “thedarkoverlord” attempted to extort Larsen Studios for 50 bitcoins (approximately $45,000 at the time) and set a January deadline. However, when the deadline passed, they moved on to extorting Netflix and other production companies instead."

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