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Legal: Assessing Continued Service

by David Samuels
In The Mix
December 2015

David Samuel's article, "Legal: Assessing Continued Service," was published by In The Mix on December 2015.

From the article...

"This situation could have happened in any restaurant and bar located within a hotel. In most social circles, the patron was a 'professional,' an accomplished drinker who started by having several drinks in the hotel restaurant with a meal. The patron drank approximately half a dozen drinks with the meal, and the server noted that there were no apparent changes in the patron’s speech or behavior. Next, the patron closed out the restaurant tab at the end of the meal, and started a new tab in the bar– which coincided with the end of the server’s shift. The patron had paid with cash; hence, there was no opportunity for name recognition by the bartender when the new tab was opened."

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