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How to Protect Your Business with Non-Compete Agreements

by Christopher D’Angelo
Independent Agent
August 22, 2017

Christopher D'Angelo's article, "How to Protect Your Business with Non-Compete Agreements," was published on August 22, 2017, in Independent Agent.

From the article ...

"Meet Desmond, owner of an insurance brokerage that sells commercial and personal lines. His top-performing agent is Megan, ever since Graham—Desmond’s former No. 1—departed for a cross-town competitor.

When Graham left Desmond’s brokerage, he took with him a large client base and wealth of contact information developed over time—a crushing blow to Desmond’s business. To ensure this will not happen again, Desmond presents Megan and his other agents with a non-compete agreement, restricting them from competing with his brokerage after the termination of their employment. Megan and her colleagues are required to sign within 10 days—or else."

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