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Can hotels and short-term rentals coexist?

by Alicia O'Brien
Hotel News Now
March 30, 2017

Alicia O'Brien's article, "Can hotels and short-term rentals coexist?," was published in Hotel News Now on March 30, 2017.

From the article . . .

"It is no newsflash that the sharing economy has successfully penetrated the hospitality marketplace in the form of short-term rental agencies, like Airbnb.

What is unclear is the extent to which short-term rentals are a real threat to the hotel industry. At least one recent study suggests they are not, and that hoteliers are situated to survive - and even thrive - in the wake of growing competition. This is certainly good news for hotels and resorts, which also benefit from the regulatory obstacles that will likely keep short-term rentals in check.

This article surveys the landscape, with Airbnb as its focus."

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