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A Case for Managing Restaurant Management

by Marc B. Zimmerman
Modern Restaurant Management
October 9, 2018

Recently, Starbucks closed thousands of locations to conduct racial bias education and training after a manager at one of its Philadelphia locations called police to the coffee shop because two African American men lingered there for minutes without making a purchase. Outrageous? Yes. Surprising? Unfortunately, no – not in the hospitality space.

Not a week seems to go by without news of yet another restaurant controversy: be it the Starbucks fiasco or an employee-facing uproar like a high profile restaurateur sued for sexual harassment and misconduct, a chain settling a discriminatory hiring action, or the well-publicized resolution of a multi-million-dollar wage claim. What’s significant is the common denominator in most of these scenarios: the conduct of, or response by, front-line supervisors and managers.

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