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On Guard - The Shifting Landscape of Guest Privacy

by David M. Samuels
Hotel Business Review
December 19, 2016

David Samuels' article, "On Guard - The Shifting Landscape of Guest Privacy," was published in Hotel Business Review on December 19, 2016.

From the article...

"Employees should be trained to politely inquire whether an officer is responding to an emergency situation and, if that is not the case, request a warrant or subpoena. Employees also need to be trained how to respond if the request is met with an initial lack of acceptance from the law enforcement officer. Such a circumstance can, and has, quickly escalated to an officer improperly threatening to shut the business down based on a refusal to immediately comply. Employees must be trained to calmly explain to the officer that, although the hotel is eager to cooperate with law enforcement, the hotel has a duty to safeguard guest privacy and protect the hotel's proprietary information."

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