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Is Your Hotel Security Staff Exposing You to Liability?

by David M. Samuels and Alicia O'Brien
California Hotel & Lodging Association Industry Newsletter
December 14, 2016

David Samuels' and Alicia O'Brien's article, "Is Your Hotel Security Staff Exposing You to Liability?," was published in the California Hotel & Lodging Association Industry Newsletter on December 14, 2016.

From the article...

"Are you a hotel owner and/or operator who employs a private security staff? If so, do not let administrative inattention threaten your business. Take a few key steps to reduce your potential liability. California regulations effective since 2011 require that all hoteliers employing their own security guards must be licensed with the state and failure to comply with the requirement could expose hoteliers to premises liability and negligence lawsuits."

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