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Contractors Involved In Litigation

by T. Darren Barker
Architectural West
March 28, 2016

Darren Barker's article, "Contractors Involved in Litigation," was published in Architectural West on March 20, 2016.

From the article...

"By its very nature, the construction industry is rife with lawsuits; with lots of moving parts, many things can go wrong on a project. Unfortunately, design professionals and contractors are often on the receiving end of litigation; money gets tight for the owner, a general contractor fails to provide proper construction; there are personality conflicts involving Inflated egos. These hypotheticals are only the tip of the iceberg addressing reasons a design professional may be sued. It is           imperative that licensed professionals are fully aware of California's various reporting requirements should they become embroiled in a civil or criminal action. Knowing your state licensing board's requirements regarding reporting can ensure a design professional or contractor is able to keep his or her license; failure to report can result in suspension or even revocation under certain circumstances. While this article focuses on the reporting requirements In California, design professionals and their attorneys should be cognizant of the rules In their respective states."

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