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What Should Be in Your Physician Shareholder Agreement?

by Dorothy Vinsky
Central New York Business Journal
May 25, 2015

Dorothy Vinsky's article, "What Should Be in Your Physician Shareholder Agreement?" was published in the Central New York Business Journal on May 25, 2015.

From the article...

" Prior to partnering with one or more physicians, doctors should consider drafting a shareholder agreement that outlines the terms of the relationship, as well as the goals of the corporation. Shareholder agreements anticipate problems and disputes by detailing what will transpire in the event of death, retirement, suspension, disagreements, unlawful competition (and solicitation), or withdrawal from a professional corporation.

These agreements are imperative for a medical professional corporation to be able to transfer, sell, and value shares. They act as the blueprint for navigating and managing the internal affairs of the corporation, as well as defining the relationships among the physicians. While shareholder agreements will vary based on a corporation’s circumstances, there are several components that every medical professional corporation should be sure to include."

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