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The precarious nature of ‘like-gating’ promotions

by Adam Z. Solomon
Inside Counsel
September 30, 2014

Adam's article "The precarious nature of ‘like-gating’ promotions" was published in Inside Counsel on September 30, 2014.

From the article:

What’s so wrong about a like?

Brands use Facebook and other social media platforms for many different promotional marketing needs, including engaging in conversations with consumers and providing details about products, as well as conducting promotions. When brands incorporate threshold entry requirements into their social media promotions, such as first “liking” a page or utilizing a certain hashtag, they may be sending a message to consumers that triggers concerns from regulators and the social media platforms. 

What is “like-gating”?

As a way to increase the number of Facebook followers, many brands conduct “like-gated” promotions which require consumers to “like” the subject Facebook fan page in order to gain access to the deal, coupon code or savings noted in the advertisement.

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