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Hospitality Going Green: Embracing Environmental Initiatives & Incentives

by Vincent S. Loh
California Lodging News
Spring 2015

Vincent Loh's article, "Hospitality Going Green: Embracing Environmental Initiatives & Incentives," was published in the Spring 2015 issue of California Lodging News.

From the article...

Historically, “green” hotels have been little more than very basic cabins found in natural habitats—called “eco lodges”—that appealed to modern day travelers who were concerned about their ecological footprint. As environmental sustainability and responsibility have become more global and financially incentivized, however, green hotels are now every bit as luxurious as their non-green competitors, and located anywhere from rustic settings to city centers across the globe. And while there is little uniformity amongst the states regarding environmentally-conscious building codes and regulations, California has been at the forefront of the green hotel movement.