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California Bill Fixes DMV Addendum Affecting Broker-Agents

by Mark B. Robinson
Insurance Journal
April 6, 2015

Mark Robinson's article, "California Bill Fixes DMV Addendum Affecting Broker-Agents," was published in the Insurance Journal on April 6, 2015.

From the article...

"After decades of broker-agents sharing driver motor vehicle records with insurers to underwrite and rate personal and commercial automobile policies, the California Department of Motor Vehicles late last year began requiring them to obtain a customer’s consent to share MVRs with insurers. Additionally, the DMV imposed new liabilities on broker-agents for the insurer’s misuse of the shared MVRs.

These new requirements are contrary to custom and practice and should be rescinded. Although informal discussions were conducted with the DMV to modify the new requirements, the DMV refused to change its edict. Therefore a legislative approach was sought."

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