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Apple Pay: A Marketer's Treasure Trove?

by Ryan Hong
Target Marketing
February 16, 2015

Ryan Hong's article, "Apple Pay: A Marketer's Treasure Trove?" was published in Target Marketing on February 16, 2015.

From the article...

"While mobile payment systems (mobile money, mobile wallets) have been around for over a decade, the unveiling of Apple Pay late last year has some analysts projecting that as many as 2 billion of these kinds of mobile transactions will transpire by 2017.

Apple Pay allows users to make payments using various Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch, which will be released later this year. Recent reports on Apple Pay seem to suggest that consumers believe that technology is safer than swiping a credit card and more 'user-friendly' than other mobile payment systems. From a security standpoint, at least for now, Apple Pay's methodology may provide better data security and increase consumer 'buy-in.' Further, there is no doubt that Apple Pay will have a lasting impact on mobile payment transactions."

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