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Complying with the DOL's Apprenticeship Rules

by Dana A. Kravetz
California Lodging News
Winter 2015

Dana Kravetz's article, "Complying with the DOL's Apprenticeship Rules," was published in the Winter 2015 issue of California Lodging News.

From the article...

" Apprenticeships in restaurants, and internships in fashion, media and entertainment, have long been an accepted practice—a common rite of passage, frequently seen by hardworking, ambitious individuals as the best way to get one’s foot in the door of these highly coveted industries.  Long hours, little to no pay and menial tasks has often, at least in part, defined these opportunities. It has also provided opportunities for plaintiffs’ attorneys to file both individual and class action lawsuits alleging wage and hour violations, many predicated on the failure to pay minimum wages along with the myriad of additional statutory labor code violations that stem from the wage violation."

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