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Foisting Patent Troll Indemnity Risk on Agencies Ignores Economic Realities

by Ronald Camhi
December 11, 2014

Ronald Camhi's article, "Foisting Patent Troll Indemnity Risk on Agencies Ignores Economic Realities," was published December 11, 2014 as a white paper on ThinkLA’s website.  

From the article...

What is Patent Trolling?

Patent Assertion Entities (PAE’s), commonly known as “patent trolls,” assert ownership status of methods and technologies, and seek to enforce infringements when the alleged “infringer” has failed to attain proper authorization (i.e., paying licensing fees). Patent trolls focus on aggressive litigation tactics, often threatening to sue hundreds, even thousands, of companies and create shell companies so defendants find it difficult to even know who is suing them. Patent troll lawsuits constitute the majority of all patent infringement claims, and exploit the fact that it is often difficult to discern the difference between a new technology’s function, versus the method by which that function is actually accomplished. Hence, these assertions are frequently vague and tend to claim ownership over common marketing methods in online and mobile marketing. For good reason, patent trolls have been the source of discussion and concern in the technology, media and advertising industries for many years. "

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