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California Auto Insurance: The Cutting Edge of 1988 Technology

by Bill Gausewitz
Information Week: Insurance & Technology
October 24, 2014

Bill Gausewitz's article, "California Auto Insurance: The Cutting Edge of 1988 Technology," was published in Information Week: Insurance & Technology on October 24, 2014.

From the article...

"Think back to the information technology available in 1988: No smartphones. No tablets. No texting. No social media. No WiFi. No wireless Internet access.

The Internet, for those who knew about and had access to it, was a text-based collection of random and largely unsearchable information. The few who used email probably had an AOL or CompuServe address. The best PC-based database program was dBase III; the best spreadsheet was Lotus 1-2-3. PC users were facing the question of whether or not Windows was here to stay."

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