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How to Create a Savvy Social Media Policy for Your Hospitality Business

by Taylor Burras
California Lodging News Magazine
Fall 2014

Taylor Burras' article, "How to Create a Savvy Social Media Policy for Your Hospitality Business," was published in the Fall 2014 issues of California Lodging News Magazine.

From the article...

"Hospitality businesses are increasingly using social media to their advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp and TripAdvisor have all proven to be effective ways for hotels, resorts and restaurants to market their brands. These websites have become a key form of advertising, with online “word of mouth” by guests and user interaction at an all-time high. Prospective customers have access to an unprecedented amount of information. According to a recent study by Mashable, 92% of global consumers trust recommendations posted by their family and friends on social media. The same study cites that 70% of consumers consider online reviews to be one of the most trusted forms of advertisement. Additionally, social media websites increasingly provide opportunities for personalized customer engagement.  For example, the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas offers a free glass of champagne to users who check in using the mobile application, Foursquare.  Social media has become such a prominent force that major hotel chains, like Hilton, and travel sites, like Hotels.com, have hired Chief Social Media Strategists to stay on top of social media trends to ensure that the latest and greatest online and mobile developments are applied to their respective businesses.  With the surge in online exposure and user interfacing comes the responsibility to continually update content, as well as implement clear social media guidelines. Further, it is imperative that hospitality owners and operators be vigilant in their efforts to monitor postings—balancing company interests with both employees’ and guests’ rights to express their opinions. "

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