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Software "Work for Hire" Agreements

by Craig Robson
Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association Newsletter
Spring 2014

Craig Robson's article, "Software 'Work for Hire' Agreements," was published in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association's Newsletter.

From the article...

"Regardless of your industry, chances are likely that you or your firm will at some point need to procure software products or services. Many times, instead of licensing that software using an off-the-shelf solution, it actually makes financial and strategic sense to either develop customized software in-house through qualified professionals within your organization or to engage the services of an outside software development firm. In both circumstances of software development, it is critical to answer the fundamental question: 'Who owns this software?' A firm wishing to answer this question in its favor will likely need to analyze the circumstances through the “work for hire” doctrine as applicable to copyright law.

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