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Are Colleges Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Assault Allegations?

By Craig Robson
University Business
April 24, 2014

Craig Robson’s article, “Are Colleges Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Assault Allegations?,” was published on University Business on April 24, 2014.
From the article..."President Obama recently established a task force to protect students from sexual assault. According to a White House Memorandum of January 22, 2014, one in five female students is a survivor of attempted or actual sexual assault that occurred while in college. The unfortunate and heartbreaking situation with University of Missouri swimmer, Sasha Menu Courey, has recently placed the issue of on- and off-campus sexual assault in the spot light. In 2010, Ms. Courey was allegedly raped by one or more members of the University’s football team. Suffering from severe mental illness, quite possibly exacerbated by the rape, Ms. Courey committed suicide in 2011."

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