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Coming To Terms with Tenure

By Craig Robson
University Business
January 28, 2014

Craig Robson's article, "Coming to Terms with Tenure," was published on University Business on January 28, 2014.

From the article:

"The tenure process remains instrumental to universities in maintaining academic freedom and in soliciting the country’s top minds to forgo employment in industry and seek employment in higher education. However, the system has evolved overtime, and so have the requirements for making and holding onto tenure. At the same time, the economic crisis of the last few years has opened a flood gate of highly qualified applicants seeking employment as faculty. The increased labor pool and tightening financial constraints has cause employment related litigation to rise. The key to any institution which is overrun by these types of suits is having strong procedures and policies in places which will ensure strict compliance with the law. When the employment termination standard is heightened by a “good cause” requirement, it is vital that employers understand exactly what processes they must follow and what burdens they must meet to either avoid or be successful in litigation."

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