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Sanford Michelman Named to REACHA Board of Directors 

May 21, 2015

CALIFORNIA/NEW YORK, May 19, 2015 – Entrepreneur and Reacha CEO, Julian Maimin, has named his attorney and trusted advisor, Sanford Michelman, to Reacha’s Board of Directors. 

Reacha is revolutionary for being a reach engine versus the traditional search engine; a platform that will enable and empower anyone to create a profile and promote his or her services in real time with links to a mobile phone or device. “Whether you’re an Internet programmer, plumber or a dog walker, Reacha will put you on the map, making you accessible in an instant” said Maimin. 

After quarterbacking the sale of Maimin’s BAK Industries to Tectum Holdings, Inc. for a sizeable profit last year, Maimin saw Michelman as a perfect fit to help him realize his grander vision with Reacha. “Sanford is a great lawyer and has been invaluable to me; I am pleased that he will be spearheading all the legal aspects to this endeavor, and I look forward to always having his ear as a Board member.” 

Michelman is equally enthusiastic. “Julian is a visionary, and Reacha is going to be a game changer for facilitating the immediate procurement of services. This innovation is going to take the world by storm,” remarked Michelman.

The application is being built by 2014 Google Partner of the Year, SADA Systems, and is slated to launch soon.