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One-in-Three: Hiring and Firing the Formerly Incarcerated

Talkline Network
October 8, 2020

Richard Reice is scheduled to be a guest on "Equal Footing with Dov Tuzman," a national radio show on the Talkline Network. His segment's topic will be “One-in-Three: Hiring and Firing the Formerly Incarcerated,” and will air live Thursday, 10/8/2020, between 7:00 and 8:00 PM (EDT) on WSNR 620AM in New York. For those located elsewhere, you can hear the show on TalklineNetwork.com by clicking on “Listen Live.” 

Richard will articulate the side of management and discuss the applicable law and challenges employers face when it comes to hiring convicted criminals. Also slated to appear with him is Shelley Winner, an advocate for the formerly incarcerated. Now a full-time employee at Microsoft, Shelley once did time in a federal minimum security prison in California for narcotic-related offenses. She has since turned her life around, has given a widely-viewed TED Talk, and is an apostle for the hiring of ex-offenders and “banning the box.”