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COVID Legislation

PDF National HR in Hospitality Conference
San Diego, CA
September 21, 2021

Dana A. Kravetz will present on the panel, "COVID Legislation," at the 2021 National HR in Hospitality Conference on Tuesday, September 21. 

In the last decade there have been numerous state and local laws targeted at the hospitality industry. From minimum wages for tipped employees; predictive scheduling; limits on rooms and square footage for housekeepers. The COVID pandemic has resulted in a number of new statutes, OSHA regulations, and other safety policies and procedures. In this session, three seasoned employment lawyers and an experienced GM will discuss the new relevant legal obligations and how hoteliers are complying.

Session takeaways

  • Identifying the new COVID focused laws;
  • Understanding how to comply and what the penalties are;
  • Discussing how to implement COVID mandated changes into your workplace and onto to employees.

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