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Diversity Beyond Jargon: Managing for a Truly Inclusive and Accessible Workplace

PDF Museum Store Association (MSA) Forward 2018
Washington, D.C.
April 29, 2018

Marc B. Zimmerman presented "Diversity Beyond Jargon: Managing for a Truly Inclusive and Accessible Workplace," at the MSA Forward 2018 on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:45 pm until 5:45 pm.

Session description:

I’d love to hear some brilliant Human Resources/Diversity training person discussing disability, race, and non-binary gender identities in workplaces like the Retail, Food Service, Visitor Services, and Security departments of our museum—beyond “blind hiring” practices, how do we make our workplaces safe and successful, once the candidates have been hired? Particularly in organizations like museums where our staff serve (and are at the mercy of) the general public, and we need not only to hire diverse teams but also provide resources for them to succeed, once they are hired.

What does a truly "inclusive" workplace look like? How do we write race/gender/age/ability-blind policies, rules, job descriptions, and dress codes? How do we best manage potential aggressions that occur in the workplace--staff to staff, customer to staff, employer to staff, etc?

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