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Data Breach & Trade Secrets: How to Protect Your Organization (Update)

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May 8, 2018

Chris D'Angelo was a panelist on a course presented by Lawline on "Data Breach & Trade Secrets: How to Protect Your Organization," where he will discuss trade secret protections for companies. In this course, viewers learned how to protect proprietary information from current or incoming employees, what to do when client-facing employees leave, and how to obtain a TRO, if necessary. 

Running a successful business is hard, competition is rising, and data is king. In order to stand ahead of rivals, companies must do more than offer excellent workmanship, product and service. It is knowing what customers want before they even ask and hoarding customer loyalty that does the trick!  An organization cannot create preeminent experiences that bring them returning clientele without their own secret sauce. So, exactly what can these companies protect as trade secrets and how far can they go to prevent, hinder or reverse trade secret damage and/or loss?

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